3 Tips to Control Job Interview Jitters

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Even if you’re a seasoned pro, job interviews can cause a lot of nervousness. This is nothing but natural – your performance is being judged. Every time we are under assessment, we’re prone to worry about the things we say and do.

While nervousness is normal, it can interfere with your performance. This is why you may want to focus on a few relaxation techniques when getting ready for that important job interview.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

The more prepared you feel going into the interview, the easier it will become to control the nerves and gain some confidence.

Statistics show that every corporate opening attracts approximately 250 candidates. That’s a lot of competition and standing out is all about personalization. If you understand the specifics of the job and the mission of the company, you will make an excellent first impression.

Do your research by going through the respective company’s website and social media profiles. You may even get in touch with people who currently work there to understand a bit more about being employed within the structure and what would be expected from you.

Before attending the interview, review the job ad once again. Take a look at the key specifications and requirements to get a better idea of what would be discussed during the interview itself.

Do Breathing Exercises and Calm Down

During the interview itself, many candidates will feel pressured to provide an immediate answer. As a result, they may say something generic or irrelevant.

It’s ok to take some time after you get an inquiry. Breathe in and breathe out to calm yourself. Take a second or two to formulate the right answer. A brief pause before your response is perfectly acceptable.

If you need to, you may even take notes while the interviewer is speaking. Highlight key points and record essential information you may need to use later on. Taking notes makes you look professional, plus it gives you something to do. By focusing on the writing, you can keep your mind from worrying too much.

Give Yourself a Pep Talk

A small pep talk or positive affirmations can also turn into powerful mental tools for acing that job interview.

Your primary goal is to silence the small voice in your head that tells you that you’re not good enough or prepared enough. Kill that small voice by focusing on your biggest strengths and the things that turn you into a good candidate for the position.

Talking to yourself is a great way to boost the motivation and deal with the irrational fears. If you combine the pep talk with breathing exercises, you’re going to get even better results. A final thing to remember is that if you get nervous during the interview itself, you can always tell yourself to relax. You’re in control and you know what you’re doing!

The best way to overcome job interview nervousness is to control as many of the variables as you can. Arrive on time, be prepared, dress appropriately and focus on positive affirmations. These steps will give you peacefulness in knowing that you’ve done the best you can. Good luck!


****Campus to Career thanks Laura Buckler for her insight on this topic!!****

About: Laura Buckler is a contributor at Scholar Advisor and a writer who is trying to squeeze a maximum of enjoyment from every moment. A living paradox, she is a free spirit who revels in shared experiences.



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