How to Ace Your Next Interview


how to ace your interviewInterviews are stressful, nerve-wracking experiences. You’re trying to sell yourself to a prospective employer who will decide whether you’re worth hiring in just 90 seconds. So, how can you make the best first impression possible and land that dream job?

Look professional

“The first impressions really do count,” says senior recruitment consultant Daniel Lewis of Anderselite Ltd. “That’s why you should also take copies of your CV, qualifications, and your portfolio to leave with them. Looking professional and prepared will leave a lasting reminder of your interview.”

Dress a step above your normal office attire to show intention, professionalism, and commitment.

Research the company

“Knowledge is key,” says Taylor Jones, a manager at global recruiters Anderson Frank. “If you know something about the company, be sure to tell the interviewer. It shows them that you have gone above and beyond to prepare for the interview.”

It’s not just the company you should read up on, either. “Researching your interviewer can help you familiarize yourself with who you are speaking to and, more often than not, you will find a common connection that will help you converse and feel at ease,” continues Taylor.

Have good posture

Make sure you’re sitting comfortable and upright. It might sound simple, but poor posture can give a potential employer the impression that you’re nervous and have low self-esteem. Leaning back can give off an arrogant vibe, while slouching is, well, lazy.

Let’s not forget where to position your arms. Avoid crossing your arms as it will appear as a defensive stance- keep them open beside you so that you appear more approachable.

As well as posture, eye contact is also very important and can help or hinder your chances at landing the job that’s on offer. By maintaining eye contact, especially during the first and final handshake, you are showing confidence in yourself.

Show a willingness to learn

Nobody likes a know-it-all. Interviews are a great place to flaunt your talents, but it’s also important to acknowledge you’re not perfect.

It’s obviously essential to have the core skills that are required to do the job, but by recognizing where you can improve and, more importantly, showing a willingness to learn, you will allow the interviewer to understand that you have the right personality for the role.

Follow up 

The waiting period after an interview is always a tense time for job seekers. However, it’s important you don’t just sit back and wait for the interviewer to contact you.

It’s crucial you show initiative by sending the first email. Thank the interviewer for their time and drop in a comment regarding the interview – a part in which you feel you nailed it.This will help to leave a positive and lasting impression of yourself and your interview which could help decide your fate.

There are many aspects of an interview which could influence whether you get the job or not, but by following these tips, you will surely represent yourself well and increase your chances of landing that dream role.

****For this post, Campus to Career thanks Jamie Roberts!!****

About the author: Jamie is a freelance writer from the United Kingdom. Other than writing, he enjoys watching and playing sports and traveling the world. You can follow him on Twitter @j1roberts

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