Job Search Success Guide

The Guide to Job Search Success

How can we help you land your dream job?  Here are quick links to readers’ favorites on student preparation, networking, career fairs, social media, interviewing, mentorship, teamwork, job search tools, and more. Enjoy!

Résumés & Interviewing

  1. Résumé Essentials
  2. Landing Your Dream Job – Part 2: The Phone Interview
  3. 11 Steps to Interview Success
  4. Don’t Look at Me in That Tone!
  5. Be Prepared: Is it YOUR Motto?

Career Fairs

  1. Landing Your Dream Job – Part 1: The Career Fair

Networking & Social Media

  1. 11 Rules for Networking
  2. Tackling Twitter
  3. Facebook – Friend or Foe?
  4. If You’re Not Linked In, You Might Be Left Out
  5. It’s All in the Network

The Job Search

  1. 10 Simple Ways to Succeed In Your New Career
  2. 6 Ways to Compete in the Job Search
  3. 3 Simple Rules to Stay On Top of Your Game
  4. 3 C’s: FREE Job Seeker Resources
  5. Think Global, Act Local (with Your Personal Brand)
  6. Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned in….College?
  7. Career Advice from the Circus
  8. The 12th Man
  9. Thanksgiving & the Job Search – Don’t Be a Turkey!
  10. HOW TO: Work With Recruiters
  11. Must Be This Tall to Ride
  12. Successful, Yet Simple Business Attire
  13. The World is Your Stage…And Your Runway!

On the Job

  1. Making Work Meetings Work
  2. Great Minds Think…Differently!

Paying It Forward, Finding Your Passion, & Happiness

  1. Finding True Career Happiness – Culture Counts!
  2. Finding Your Passion
  3. Take a Vacation!
  4. Saying Thank You
  5. 5 Reasons Why Athletes Make Great Employees
  6. Minding Manners Matters
  7. Get Involved, Get Experience
  8. Your 2011 “Re-SOLUTION”
  9. The Power of Positive Thinking

Freshman to Senior – Guide to Success

  1. Preparing for Success as a College Freshman
  2. After Year One: Sophomore Year
  3. Almost There: Junior Year
  4. Preparation Before Graduation: Senior Year
  5. Co-Op vs. Internship: What’s the Difference?
  6. When I Grow Up…
  7. Career Services: Gaining Value for FREE. Part 1 Part 2
  8. Congratulations! Now What??

Mentorship, Leadership & Teamwork

  1. The Importance of Finding a Mentor
  2. Building Your Own A-Team
  3. To Lead or Follow? Both!
  4. Developing an Effective Strategic Plan


  1. Effective Steps for Easy Onboarding
  2. Recruiting: It’s More Than Just Showing Up
  3. HOW TO: Work With Recruiters