The World Is Your Stage . . . and Your Runway!

By Amanda Guralski:

The daily battle begins—it’s 7:00 am and you are standing at the front lines of your closet wondering which tried and true work outfit you’ll wear yet again. Scanning the possibilities, you realize that all your favorite wardrobe pieces are saved for when you meet up with friends or when that cute guy you have been eyeing up, finally asks you out. Why is it that career wear has this negative image of matchy matchy boxy suits, cotton button ups in an array of colors, and skirts that don’t fit right. Your career wear choices should be just as stylish and trendy as the rest of your wardrobe; however, two important criteria must define that wardrobe . . . professional and classy!

Stylish Tips for dressing up career wear that complements your personal style:

Accessories . . . should be every girl’s best friend! Whether it’s a chunky necklace, wide belt, funky scarf, or a stunning broach—all of these pieces bring style and grace to what you are wearing. Accessories become a very simple and inexpensive way to change your wardrobe without having to buy an entire new closet. If you’re hesitant about the power of the accessory, try this simple test. Put on a regular black crew neck t-shirt, wide-legged pants and tryout the looks that your necklaces and scarves will add to this simple ensemble. The t-shirt takes on a different style every time a different necklace is worn on the same shirt. You can never go wrong with jewelry and whether vintage or retro or contemporary—it makes a great conversation starter!

Jackets: If your closet does not have a section where you hang all your jackets, you need to make room immediately. Jackets should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe because the look is absolutely fabulous. I am not talking about the traditional boxy jacket where you wear the baby blue button-up underneath. I am referring to the fitted and tailored jacket that doesn’t require anything more than a tank top to be worn underneath. For example, this great jacket from Anthropologie would look stunning with a black pencil skirt. This look would also be great for interviewing!

Polished? Whether you are off to an interview or just another day at work, make sure that before you leave the house, you take a moment for one last look. How does your outfit look? Does it look polished and complete? Is there something missing? These are questions that I like to ask myself. For example, you’ve selected a purple turtleneck, your black pencil skirt and leggings. You look in the mirror and you like what you see, however you feel like there is something missing. Try adding a wide black belt to your out fit, your pencil skirt might not have belt loops but adding something as simple as a belt will tie in your entire outfit.

Whether you are interviewing or have a huge meeting on your calendar, the clothes you wear shows the world how you perceive yourself. Gather that first-date confidence by dressing up, taking pride in how you look and I promise, you will close more deals and make more connections when you demonstrate poise and self-assurance.

Amanda Guralski, an alum of the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, is a career coach and is also an accomplished speaker, fashion expert, and entrepreneur. Amanda co-founded the perfect career coach for today’s young professional in, an online mentoring magazine. As a natural extension, she started bizMe Consulting. Amanda provides a dynamic and engaging approach to today’s hot career topics of personal branding, networking, building successful career relationships and career fashion. Please contact Amanda at or find her on Twitter at @bizMebizgal.

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