Saying Thank You

I’d like to take this opportunity to briefly say thank you. This phrase is one that I think a person can’t hear enough. However, we all get busy, forget, and it gets overlooked.

In keeping this short, I’d like to highlight a few reasons to say thank you:

Thanks for support. Support is one of those things that can be hard to get at first, but once you have it, don’t forget to pay it forward and help support others.

Follow-up thank you. Thanking someone in follow-up can really help you. When was the last time you wrote a short note thanking a person for their time in an interview, their time at the career fair, on the phone, etc? It’s easy to do, yet most people (candidates or otherwise) don’t follow up. Believe me, people hang on to notes of sincerity. Them remembering you can help greatly.

Thank you to people who work hard. It’s all about recognition! Again, life gets busy, can be complicated and we can overlook our top performers doing great things. I try to say thank you several times a day, but when someone does something that took extra effort, initiative and creativity, a special thank you is warranted. Again, handwritten notes, sometimes an email copying their supervisor. It shows not only that you appreciate the extra effort, but also brings special positive attention!

Thanks for reading. To those of you that read this, thank YOU! I hope that I continue to bring value to you with each post. Your readership is important and much appreciated. If you would, please help pay it forward and tell a friend, co-worker or family member about my blog.

That’s it. I tried to keep it short, simple and to the point. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!


6 thoughts on “Saying Thank You

  1. Kirk – thanks for keeping us grounded !! I agree that taking the time to thank others, and also to be thankful, is a daily need. I try to practice this with everyone I come across. At times it’s tough, but it’s always worth it !!


  2. Great topic and often forgotten. It use to be that I’m sorry were the hardest words. Now it has become thank you. On this busy world, we forget the smallest gestures are still the most important, And let us not forget the importance response: you’re welcome. Not: no problem.

    Great topic.


    1. Cindy,

      Thanks for your comment! I appreciate it. Also, great insight on a response to “thank you”. I find myself saying no problem at times. Your comment has made me think twice!

      See you at NACE!


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