5 Tips for Nailing Your Next Video Interview


Technology has brought about tremendous changes in the types of work positions available. It has also altered the way people can apply for those positions. Video interviews are perfect examples because they connect you with an interviewer through a screen and help you display your candidacy for positions that aren’t near your home.

Despite the convenience associated with video interviews, you still need to take some steps to swing the odds in your favor. Some of the tips below also work well for in-person meetings.

1. Test Your Software and Internet Connection Beforehand

At least a few days before the interview happens, reach out to the hiring manager or interviewer and find out whether you need special software to make the video stream successful. If so, download it in advance and explore its features. If possible, test out the video functionality with a friend.

Don’t overlook the speed of your internet connection, either. If your home connection isn’t very fast or a lot of people use it at once, arrange to go somewhere with a speedier network. Even the best software can’t work properly if your Wi-Fi connection is too slow.

2. Speak Effectively

When conversing with your friends, you probably unknowingly use filler words and syllables such as “like” and “uh.” Start practicing your sample responses at least several days before the video interview if possible, and use a friend to help identify the times when you speak unclearly or seem unable to get your point across.

It’s especially important to be careful of your words during one-way interviews that happen via video. In those scenarios, the interviewer typically distributes a set of questions you have to answer via video by a deadline. If you don’t get off to a strong start and remain steady through the entire event, the interviewer could easily decide to pass on you as a candidate after only a couple of minutes.

3. Sit in a Quiet Room With Good Lighting

Keep your setting in mind during a Skype interview or one on another platform. Pick a room with a door you can close, but also warn your roommates and anyone else in the house that you have an interview so they can keep their voices down for the duration of it.

Be aware of lighting as well, and take time to experiment with light levels ahead of time. Your whole face should be well lit without looking washed out.

4. Dress Professionally — and Not Just on Your Top Half

After hearing about your upcoming video interview, some of your friends might suggest that you stay in pajama bottoms during it. It’s actually best to dress the same way you would if you were meeting the interviewer in person.

If you look down and see yourself wearing bedroom slippers and sleep pants, it might be hard to get your head in the game and take the interview seriously. Plus, you might unexpectedly have to stand up during the process, which could show the interviewer your full attire.

5. Relate Your Life Experiences to Skills or Characteristics

One of the ways you could make a strong impression is by including true stories or anecdotes that showcase your life skills. This works well if the interviewer asks you to describe strengths, weaknesses or challenges because it makes your qualities more vivid and applicable.

By using these tips, you’ll see video interviews aren’t as daunting as they may have seemed at first. Good luck! ending

****For this post, Campus to Career thanks Nathan Sykes!!!****

Author Bio: Nathan Sykes is a business and technology writer and a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh. To stay up to date on all things tech and business read his blog, Finding an Outlet, or follow him @nathansykestech.


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