LinkedIn & Beyond: Relationships Matter

park-troopers-221402-unsplash.jpgPersonalizing your LinkedIn connection request can help you stand out. In fact, a recent (unscientific) poll revealed that a request with a personal note exponentially increased the odds of the individual accepting. It’s all about personalization!

You connect with a personal note and they accept.

What next??

You. Start. Building. A. Relationship. Let me show you how to build a relationship that is enlightening and positive.

Maintain open lines of communication

I believe this is the most important part of building a relationship – being available. Bridge the gap and remove the guesswork. This also shows you are approachable and want to chat

Stay connected

Keep the conversation going after you connect with topics that are mutually engaging. Relationships are built with patience.

  • Ask a question via a DM
  • Comment on a post and ask for their opinion
  • Tag them in an article of their interest
  • Write a post inspired by something they’ve written
  • When the time is right, take the relationship offline

Understand what motivates them

Have a brief conversation about what they are trying to achieve on this platform/ in their career/ in general. This will give you some insight into their path and show areas you can add value. Share your goals and dreams when the time is right can be mutually beneficial.

“Relationships matter. They matter A LOT.”

Scenario 1: You’re looking for a new career opportunity.

Ah, the hidden job market.

FACT: It’s real. Deep relationships can make all the difference.

PRO TIP: Don’t email saying, “let me know if you have any openings.” Research. Share specific roles or areas of focus that interest you. They can’t read your mind.

Can they

  • connect you with someone?
  • share details on a job in the works?
  • refer you? (PS. This is GOLD and can fast-track your candidacy.)

Scenario 2: You’re employed + have a product (tangible or intangible.)

FACT: We’re all in Sales. ALL of us.

What makes a BIG difference in Sales? Providing value, knowing the customer. If you’ve been intentional in building relationships, your network can do something quite magical.

Are you ready for this truth?? They’ll HELP you. Some, automatically. Others, you’ll have to nudge.

Share your vision and be specific with the ask.

How can they best help you? Make it easy for them. People want to HELP. It starts with building a relationship.

Don’t be a jerk, give more than you get (this pays off,) and remember to pay it forward as you can.

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Bonus resources:

***Campus to Career thanks to Vanshika Mehta who collaborated on this post!!***

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Photo by Park Troopers on Unsplash



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