Why Your Resume is Like a Burger [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’ve never thought about your resume the way you think about a great burger, it’s time to start now. This insightful infographic from Career FAQs makes an interesting connection between the two, all the while helping to create a tasty and juicy resume that will be simply irresistible to every recruiter who gets to read it.

What’s important are both the essential components and little details that add the extra dash of flavour all recruiters are looking for. A fresh and delicious burger bun will serve as a strong foundation for a burger. just like a defined layout for a resume, framing the essentials to a great CV.

The mouth-watering meat patty, which represents substance in your resume, is the very essence of the burger and therefore should only be of the highest quality.

What about the extras? While lettuce provides some much-needed balance between confidence and humility, tomato keeps the resume (and burger) fresh and interesting. The sauce works like the cherry on top and stands for that something extra, which simply makes a resume worth reading – its exciting flavour takes it to the next level.

Burgers and resumes should be kept simple and devoid of any artificial flavourings or sweeteners, which at first taste good, but soon give everyone a stomachache. Both resumes and burgers should also include ingredients of the best quality, selected especially for the occasion and matching the taste of the person who is likely to consume the dish.

Finally, the infographic makes it clear that for some jobs, a simple resume won’t cut the mustard – just like a great burger, it sometimes needs to be served with a portion of fries on the side.

Why your resume is like a burger - Career FAQs


***For this delicious INFOGRAPHIC, Campus to Career thanks Career FAQ!!***



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