[INFOGRAPHIC]: How to React to Weird Interview Questions


There is a growing trend among employers these days: ask really weird interview questions. So what is the purpose? Is it just to entertain them or is there something else?

Well…it may be for entertainment purposes, but there might a deeper reason behind questions such as: If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be?

Thanks to these questions, they can see, how a prospective new employee can react to something unexpected. It shows how interviewees can think outside of the box. Some of the questions are specially designed to determine job seeker’s analytical thinking.

So how do you react if you get this kind of question? Don’t worry. Some of the genius answers we all saw on the internet are just made up stories. Your answer doesn’t have to be especially brilliant, but it should be somehow creative.

Take your time to think about it, but don’t stare at the wall with a blank look. Try to highlight some of your strengths in your answer. Think of something that wouldn’t be a standard answer to the question. Make yourself easy to remember (in a good way)!

Google. Tesla. Apple. These are companies that we’ve heard ask really weird questions. Questions like these…



****For this fun post, Campus to Career thanks our friends over at KickResume!!****


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