Penn State Alumna Sarah Landrum Named as Campus to Career Featured Writer

Sarah LandrumCampus to career is excited to announce a brand-new blogging partnership with Sarah Landrum! Sarah is a graduate of Penn State University and holds degrees in Marketing and Public Relations. You’ve probably seen some of Sarah’s great work on sites like Undercover Recruiters and We’re thrilled to have her join the team here at Campus to Career as a featured writer.

Rather than give you the same old boring rundown most people get when asked for a bio, we thought it would be fun to do a short interview with Sarah so you can REALLY get to know her! Campus to Career Founder, Kirk Baumann, sat down with Sarah recently to get to know her better.

KB: “Sarah, welcome to the team. We’re glad you’re here! Would you mind telling us a little more about yourself?”

SL:Sure! I graduated from PSU at the top of my class in 3.5 years (December 2014) and managed to hold a 4.0 my entire time in college.”

KB: “That’s impressive – great GPA and you finished college before the majority of today’s students typically do. Congratulations.”

SL: “It wasn’t easy, but I loved any class that presented a challenge (total nerd, I know.) I actually considered careers in law and real estate and started studying risk management to head down that path before I fell in love with Marketing.”

KB: “It sounds like you’ve found a good career fit. That’s what we’re all about here at Campus to Career – helping others find their passion and best career fit. Thanks for the professional background, but what do you do for fun?”

SL: For fun, I enjoy reading, DIY, traveling, dancing, country music, concerts, spending time with my fiancé, being an aunt, ABC TV, bourbon, banana ice cream, bonfires…one of the things on my bucket list is to see the Northern Lights someday in Alaska.”

KB: “Congratulations on your engagement! It sounds like you definitely enjoy life. We’ll have to talk bourbon and banana ice cream later… 🙂 Last question (and it’s a serious one): Are you a dog or cat person?”

SL: “I’m a total dog lover. I have a boxer and my family fosters Boston terriers (we have 3 Bostons in our home right now and are picking up another one this weekend.)”

There you have it, folks! Sarah will be blogging for Campus to Career at least once a month moving forward, bringing a fresh new perspective to our community. Please help us welcome her!

More from Sarah:


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