Degrees Worth Having in 2014 (Even If You Aren’t Sure)

3 College Degrees Worth Having in 2014 Many American parents strive to have their children attend college, and this is considered the most success-oriented option amongst many teens. However, one consequence of college being popular is that teenagers are forced to decide on something that could potentially affect the rest of their life.

 Where should I go to school?

What degree should I study?  

What job will I end up having?

These are standard questions from an understandably curious and confused teenager that happens to be considering college.

Teens are commonly rushed when making a decision on which degree they should undertake. But what if someone realizes they should have done a different, more specialized degree to get a really specific job they want?  It’s this anxiety that causes a great part of many college attendants to change their major at least once throughout their course of study.

However, a major doesn’t necessarily have to trap you on a one-way road if you’re unsure of where you want to arrive in life. For those on the fence who want to make sure their college years pay off professionally, here are three great majors.

1.    Information Technology degree

This degree tops the charts in 2013. Whether it’s a computer programming or data analysis focus, you will be more marketable in most businesses if you hold an information technology degree. This flexible field of study looks great on the resumes of job seekers who want plenty of options. Furthermore, as businesses and technology progress simultaneously, the need for people trained in this area will only expand.

Information technology can be a much more stimulating career than people assume. Whether it’s studying and facilitating internet activity or helping maintain a business’ infrastructure, there are many avenues for inspiration.

Write it down: Most thriving businesses in 2013 have an IT department. Knowing the functionality and capability of the IT industry is invaluable, regardless of what specific career path you choose.

2.    Business Administration degree

This degree equips students with an understanding of how a general business model operates and succeeds. The innovative part of launching a business requires individual innovation and creativity, but this degree is a nearly mandatory stepping stone for anyone considering a serious business venture. I any case, it’s wise to carry an interdisciplinary education into the future, and a BA is a way to start down that road.

Even if you don’t intend to start a standard business, the knowledge you acquire about finances, human resources, and accounting will come in handy.

Write it down: If you are unsure about what degree to settle on, a business administration degree can be applied to any interest you have in a number of different ways. Whether you’re an entrepreneurial soul looking to start a revolution or just looking for a well-paying nine to five job, this degree can help get you there.

3.    Marketing degree

A marketing degree is a useful gateway to any career path. Regardless of what your interests are, if you want to create cash flow or increase popularity, you will inevitably be tasked with employing marketing strategies. Knowing how to utilize different platforms of communication for the promotion of a product or service is a unique and very useful skill to possess.

If you’re the type of person that thrives on change and endless possibility, this degree is worth a hard look.

Write it down: Marketing is a fancy word for gaining popularity and recognition for something. It’s a nice skill to have in life, regardless of where you choose to focus your energy.

Campus to Career thanks Kate Gredley for the guest post! 

kate-81028About the author: Kate Gredley is an elementary teacher with a background in marketing. She thrives on creativity and helping American youth grow. She currently writes to promote the information technology degree program at Globe University.


3 thoughts on “Degrees Worth Having in 2014 (Even If You Aren’t Sure)

  1. I would also have to say that Civil Engineering degrees should be on your list. There are endless industries that seek out Civil Engineers and for many types of positions. They are typically paid well, and even entry level positions.


  2. Hi Kate,

    Do you think that marketing degrees will change much in 2014 with the emergence of social media and other technology? I’m curious about how much they will adapt and go indepth into these subjects.


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