Introvert Tips for Surviving Your First Day of Work

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People with INFJ personalities often strive to find meaning through worthy causes. INFJ stands for introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging, meaning that individuals with this rare personality type tend to be creative, caring and sensitive to the feelings of others. The INFJ personality trait means that individuals focus on taking action based on their values. So, it’s important that INFJ individuals channel their energy and creativity into purposes that are consistent with their personal values.

You can easily find articles about finding ‘the right career’ for an INFJ. Most of the time, these authors discuss jobs that have a harmonious environment and managers who have a fervent commitment to creating positive change.

While it’s apparent that one can thrive in a working environment that is made for them, in reality, most people are not given the luxury of their dream job. People with INFJ personalities are known to search for meaning in every aspect of their lives, to the point where they experience burnout.

I’ve found that this sincere dedication to meaning is often the reason I’ve lost interests in projects requiring focus and attention. Here are some helpful tips I used to survive my first day at work and also found handy later on.

Find the other INFJs

An INFJ’s ideal working environment is one that is surrounded by co-workers who are also committed to positive change. There are no surprises that working with people you enjoy will help you survive your first of many days at work.

I admit, it was a challenge for me to join the social circle on my first day – but as we all know, it’s essential to get to know your colleagues! Start simple by introducing yourself to other team members. I found it useful to repeat their name in conversation to establish a bond.

Taking the time to get to know your co-workers can help find people who value you. Even though you prefer working alone in a quiet environment, having your team care for you will make your day tolerable. Having teammates who you care about will give you motivation, allow you to survive your first day at work, and will help you thrive throughout your career.

Don’t Obsess over Failure

Whether you like it or not, you are bound to make a mistake on your first day at work. Being an emotional sponge made my first misunderstandings very difficult for me. It’s more easily said than done, but try not to dwell on your failures. Understand your strengths as an INFJ – you have a special gift of keeping stressful situations under control. Instead of wishing you didn’t make a mistake, think of ways to learn for the future and better yourself instead.

Establish a Vision, Goal, and Purpose

As an INFJ, I always want to feel somewhat connected to my work. Doing this on your first day can be difficult. Keep a logbook and write down your ideas and your purpose. Refer back to this in the future if you ever need to be reminded of what it is that sparked your enthusiasm.

Don’t be too discouraged by “meaningless” work and repetitive day-to-day activities. Reflect on the bigger picture. As an INFJ, you’re good at that! Take some time to plan how to reach your ultimate goal. This will help you stay focused and on track.

Love Yourself

Whether you’ve landed your dream job or a temporary one to pay the bills, it is important to cherish your time alone. INFJs are typically organized and enjoy working alone. The same goes for when you need to recharge. Give yourself a moment to reconnect with yourself.

Establish a deeper connection with what is in your heart. Be aware of your own feelings and set aside some time to reflect on yourself. This way, you’ll notice when you’ve reached your limits. It is always important to take a break. Remind yourself that you can do better if you are in a healthy and balanced state.


Author’s bio:

Freelance writer, Allison Hail, resides in Wellington, New Zealand and spends her time reading and crafting articles for blogs and local sites, including Sea Containers who share her love for ingenuity.

Image source: Unsplash



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