12 College Experiences Your Resume Needs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Campus to Career is dedicated to helping college students and other job seekers find their passion, their BEST fit in the workplace.  We’re always scouring the web for new resources and tools to help YOU get hired.  Regarding that, a FANTASTIC resource found its way into the inbox a little while ago.  Check out the INFOGRAPHIC below for the 12 College Experiences Your Resume Needs.

A few notes:

1. In your Freshman year, you’ll be tempted to party, skip classes and do the very minimum you have to do to get by.  I’m not saying that you shouldn’t enjoy college.  You should.  Like Uncle Ben told Peter Parker, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Be responsible.  Join a club.  My recommendation?  Join Enactus on campus.  You’ll gain some serious “on the ground” experience, have access to an AWESOME corporate network (remember, you want to get a job when you graduate) and you get to help enable human progress.

2. I say that leaders aren’t born.  They’re made.  It takes a lot to become a leader.  Figure out what you’re passionate about, take a risk and volunteer to lead.  Whether it’s part of a club, Student Government or simply leading a class project, you’ll gain some fantastic experience.  It’s okay to follow as well.  Leaders need followers.  Which one will YOU be?

3. You can always learn something from guest speakers. Be curious. Have an open mind. Just because Joe the Garbage Man is tonight’s guest speaker doesn’t mean you won’t learn anything. I’ve met Joe before. He’s pretty awesome.

4. This is part of being a leader (see #2.) Build your leadership profile on campus. There are lots of options!

5. Intern, intern, intern.  The BIG companies might not be hiring Freshmen and Sophomores, BUT local companies typically are. Use your time wisely. Learn how an company operates from the inside, what you’re good at and what you’re not so great at…it’s all part of the experience. When you’re done, the internship experience should help you make better choices when you’re ready to work full-time.  You know, that way you don’t get hired and say to yourself “WHAT WAS I THINKING?”  You’ll know because as an intern, you’ve already figured out the hard part.

6. Speak only 1 language? Congratulations. So do the majority of the people on the planet. Set yourself apart and learn a new language. I’d suggest Spanish, French, German or Mandarin Chinese.  PS. I’m currently learning Spanish through Rosetta Stone – it’s a lot easier than I thought it would be!

7. IT is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.  Coders will rule the world.  That’s what everyone is saying anyway.  When you pick your major, think about the future.  I love English Literature, but there’s not a whole lot you can do in the real world with that major.  Think broader and look into science, technology, engineering or mathematics.  In a few years, you might be glad you did!

8. Get on LinkedIn. NOW. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200. A digital presence is becoming more and more important these days and believe it or not, employers don’t really care about your Facebook profile, MySpace (yes – it’s back) or Twitter profile. LinkedIn is different. Every Fortune 500 CEO is on LinkedIn. This is NOT something you want to wait to do until you have that first job. Be proactive. Start your LinkedIn profile today.  Add in your leadership and work experience as you gain it. Connect with classmates, coworkers, mentors and those in and outside of your industry of preference.

9. In the global economy, it’s important to learn about different cultures. The best way to experience them is through travel. If you have the chance to study abroad, even better.  Remember, that major of International Business doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to work overseas.

10. Online presence, digital portfolio…they go hand in hand. Take baby steps. Don’t try to start 15 social media accounts at once. You’ll never be able to effectively manage them all. Pick one. Master it, then move to the next. Just keep moving forward and remember that if you don’t want it on a billboard outside of your Grandma’s house, DON’T PUT IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA!

11. Contract or freelance work can help you earn some extra cash in college. Good at building websites? You might be able to help the business owner next door. Think about it. It’s a resume builder too…

12. Volunteering is something I’d highly recommend.  You build relationships, make friends, gain experience and help people. That’s what life is all about. Pay it forward. Oh, by the way, all of these things can also be done as part of the Enactus team on campus. I’m just sayin’… (Yes, I work for Enactus, but mean every word of what I say. Even if I didn’t work here, I’d recommend it to college students.)

Check out the full infographic below:

12 College Experiences Your Resume Needs [Infographic]

Does YOUR resume have everything it needs?  Thanks to Boundless for sharing this great graphic – we appreciate it!


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