Inspiration from the Kid President

kid president

I’m late to the game.  Apparently, Kid President has been circulating videos for months.  Some of them went viral.  I remember seeing them in my friend’s Facebook updates and Twitter posts, but never actually took the time to watch.  Boy, was I an idiot.  Kid President’s “pep talk” was the first thing I watched Monday morning and I have to say, I’m inspired.  When I’m inspired, I write.  So, here are a few things I learned from his speech:

It all starts somewhere…with a dream.  Dream big and do it often.  Those are some words of advice I received from a mentor once and they’ve stuck with me throughout my career.  We all start somewhere.  Most of us start at the bottom and that’s okay.  It just gives us more reasons to work our way to the top!  Big ideas come from smaller ideas that simply grow up.  Dream big.

We’re all on the same team.  Stop thinking about “us vs. them.”  Life is not a game.  I’m on your team – won’t you be on my team?  I love how Kid President mentions the fact that we have air coming out of our nose, our hearts beat and says “it’s time to do something.”  He’s right.  It is time to do something.  Stop waiting for the perfect opportunity and seize the day.  Make today better than yesterday, but keep improving.  Tomorrow will be better, but you must make it so!

Create something that will make the world awesome.  We have more resources available to us than any other generation in history.  It’s time to use those resources to make the world awesome, not worse.  Make something better.  Create something new, focusing on the good in the world.  Like he says, “you’re ‘gooder’ than that.”  Stop being boring.

What will you create?  Need a little pep talk?  Below is the video I mentioned from Kid President.  Watch it.  You’ll be glad you did.  Now, go out and make the world awesome!



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