5 Reasons New Grads Should Consider Starting Their Own Business

EntrepreneurFailFeatureGuest post by Charles Sipe

When you graduate from college, sometimes the first job you land is your butt on your parents’ couch. It’s a tough economy, so many students aren’t securing employment right away following graduation.

They say those who can’t do, teach; well perhaps those that can’t get jobs, make their own jobs.

Here are five reasons why new grads should consider starting a business:

You can gain experience you may lack as a new grad.
The ultimate paradox regarding new graduates looking for employment is that they can’t get hired because they don’t have enough experience, but they don’t have enough experience because they can’t get hired. If you start your own business, you gain skills you otherwise wouldn’t have.

It creates opportunities for contract work for companies not looking to hire a full-time employee.
Having your own business will look good to many companies, especially those who aren’t necessarily looking for full-time employees, because your independent venture shows that you are able to work on your own. This is ideal for contract work. Plus, while your business may take up a lot of your time, the freedom of the “job” allows you enough room in your schedule to take on other projects if need be.

Your company’s achievements can strengthen your resume.
According to US News: Money, one in three employers is looking for college grads with some kind of entrepreneurial experience – meaning students who launch their own side businesses have a leg up on other applicants.

Your business may grow and you may no longer need a job.
Ketan Rahangdale is the CEO of EarTop, a company that specializes in high-quality wireless audio products. The kicker: He’s 19 years old and a sophomore at the University of Miami. When he graduates, he already has a ton of experience, connections, and – most importantly – a job.

It encourages you to build your own network.
As mentioned in No. 4, Rahangdale will have a ton of connections when he graduates – and even before he graduates. Starting your own business forces you to be more aggressive and to make your own connections because otherwise your business won’t survive. When it comes to having your own startup, the stakes are higher because it’s all on you, which means sometimes you’re more willing to put yourself out there.

While these strategies are aimed at recent college graduates, the good news is that these ideas apply to “students” of any age. If you have an idea or venture you’d like to launch to gain skills and money, there’s no wrong time to start. However, startups are especially ideal for the fresh college grad with a resume that doesn’t fit half a page. Launching your own business can help fill that other half.

About the author: Charles Sipe writes for Paralegal411.org, a career resource that provides information for individuals interested in starting a career in the paralegal field.


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