The Web’s Best Career Advice – Weekly Roundup v.3

This week, I bring you four excellent articles that will help you in your career, regardless of where you are today.  Are you working on your digital portfolio?  Yes? No? You might look into it!  Check out this week’s feature article on Campus to Career here.  It’s all about creating a dynamic digital portfolio to help you land the job!


Some people strive for work/life balance while others have accepted that the concept is more like work/life integration.  For more, check out my friend Meghan Biro’s article on Forbes: 5 Steps to Work Life Sanity in Today’s Social World.  Take some of the advice.  It will be good for you!

Do you know what the NUMBER ONE mistake most people make in their career? Read more from LinkedIn.

Read the YouTern blog?  I always find a few gems a week on their site and this week was no different.  Check out their article, 25 Things We Must Know Before 25, here.  Older than 25?  Don’t worry, there’s still time!  🙂

Lastly, here’s a great article from CareerRocketeer about leadership – great advice for anyone: Top 11 Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills.

What was THE BEST career advice article you read this week? Share it with everyone!  I’d love to know.  As always, thanks for reading.


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