18 Quick Tips for the Busy Job Seeker

Have you found that there’s just not enough time in the day to do everything you need to do?  Finding yourself trying to juggle too much?  Even when you’re looking for a job, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of time to focus on YOU.  I was inspired last week by a Twitter friend at Syracuse University (@tracytilly) to submit 18 different tweets focused on the job search.  Other participated as well.  Search “#search18” on Twitter.  When I started, I thought there would be no way I’d get to 18.  Wrong.  I could have gone a lot farther.  Who knew?

To help you in your job search (and keep it simple,) here are 18 quick tips for the busy job seeker:

  1. Have a plan, create your strategy.  It’s not “one-size fits all.”
  2. Do the research on the jobs/company/culture.  Google it.
  3. Follow the directions (if you’re clearly not qualified, don’t apply.)
  4. Network with friends.
  5. Network with peers.
  6. Tell your family, then network.
  7. Use the resources available through your Career Center.
  8. Job shadow.
  9. Schedule information interviews
  10. Read trade publications and learn about the industry
  11. Blog about your expertise (add value)
  12. Use Twitter – follow recruiters, participate in chats, network – I recommend #careerchat and #jobhuntchat to get you started.
  13. Use LinkedIn – follow companies, connect with recruiters, join & participate in groups.  Don’t know how?  Learn here.
  14. Use Facebook – check out BeKnown or Branchout
  15. Be persistent, but kind.
  16. Take some “you” time to relax and refocus so there’s no burnout.
  17. Follow up. EVERY TIME.
  18. Pay it forward.

Are we following each other on Twitter?  I’ve found the platform to be very useful for information sharing, conversation, and networking.  Don’t worry – I won’t auto-DM you or send you spam.  Check out @kbaumann and see if you like the tweet stream.  If you do, please follow.  If you don’t – no hard feelings, but I’d appreciate it if you’d mention Campus to Career to them as a resource.  It’s FREE.  Who doesn’t like free?  🙂

As always, thanks for reading.  Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “18 Quick Tips for the Busy Job Seeker

  1. Great Advice! I would like to add on #12 that you follow all recruiters, not only the ones in your field. Recruiters are using twitter more and more to promote not only their on openings, but their friend and coworkers as well. So while you maybe an Accountant, you could get a lead off of a technology recruiter.


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