Paying It Forward: We Are What We Give…

As promised, this week’s blog post is by a special guest, Kate-Madonna Hindes.  Read my post on her blog at  Note: the video link below includes some very honest language.  Please know that by providing this link, Campus to Career isn’t endorsing, but rather sharing a guest author resource.  With or without the video, the message is clear.  Pay it forward and be true to yourself.

“In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people that rekindle our inner spirit.”
– Albert Schweitzer

You have an opportunity at this moment to decide something that will quite literally set your path for the next minute, hour and journey of your life. Here is your opportunity to decide….

Are you a reactionary or revolutionary?

Reactionaries: To know which one you’d like to be, we need to define what exactly they both entail. Reactionaries often jump to new media, trends, and simply go along with the crowd. Their preference to abide by the status quo leaves them content, but often wondering what the bigger story is. Reactionaries bring themselves into the conversation, but always side with the ‘norm.’

Revolutionaries: Revolutionaries function a little differently. They wear their beliefs, ideas and thoughts on their sleeves. They stand up for what they feel at it’s core, deserves a voice. They often find themselves out of the ‘social norm,’ but they magnetize others who believe what they do. Revolutionaries are the thought-leaders of tomorrow.

Social Media is becoming reactionary. We’re starting to get afraid to step outside the box. Losing a follower can give a blow to our ‘Social Media Esteem,’ but losing our ability to respectfully engage others in conversation, will create more damage. Just how far can we go? I offer these words of advice: If you feel obliged to give a different point of view, always offer one with personal insight and story. If respectfulness and credibility meet, your opinion will weigh heavier than a witty retort.

Become a Revolutionary. Your first step is to watch this video by my friend Joe Gerstandt. Never before have I said, “YES!” so many times at my computer screen before. Pass it on, encourage others and realize: If we are NOT ourselves, we are NOT at our best. It really is that simple. Today is National Pay It Forward Day. Give yourself more credibility and pull in the online world, by not being afraid to BE yourself. You’ll be surprised at the results.

A huge thanks to my friend, Joe Gerstandt for allowing me to share his greatness. Visit him at :

Kate-Madonna Hindes, is an industry leader and national author and speaker on emotional integrity and authenticity in today’s online media.  Her columns are regularly published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Women of HR, GirlmeetsGeek, Brazen Careerist and JobDig.  Kate-Madonna currently is the Recruiting Director for Brigham Group Staffing. With 15+ years of combined, published, experience for news media, state government and Fortune 500 businesses, she regularly covers national Social Media Technology events from an HR / Recruiting perspective, including CES 2011. Notably, she sits on the coaching panel for Keith Ferrazzi’s  Relationship Academy alongside Chris Brogan and Tony Hsieh.  Her speaking and writing credits include bookings at the Keith Ferrazzi’s Relationship Academy, 2010 WordcampMSP, 2010 ReBarCamp, MCAD, Social Media Breakfast in Imation Headquarters, 2009 Cervical Cancer Conference  and recent onair appearances with WCCO and International Radio Station, CJOB, GirlTalkRadio, WomeninBusinessRadio,, and more. She owns and operates GirlmeetsGeek Media.


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