Book Review: GET HIRED!

Students and recent graduates: How many books have you read about the job search?  Have you noticed that they all follow a similar blueprint?  “Do this, don’t do that…”  Some of it is very subjective, while some of the advice is just that – advice, not proven fact.  Many of these books provide great content, but let’s face it – in the busy world of go, go, go, you want a book that gets right to the point. The goal: Land a job after college.  The timeline: As soon as possible!  Why not take the key points learned and apply them to your job search?

I recently read GET HIRED! A Recruiter’s Formula to Land Your First Job After College.  The author, John Lepley, has been a corporate recruiter for the past 18 years and wrote GET HIRED! to pass on his knowledge and formula for success to college students to help them land their first job after college.  Want to know one of the best features of the book?  It gets to the point quickly to get YOU HIRED!  I met John last year at an event and his passion is amazing.  He wants to help YOU land a job.

GET HIRED! A Recruiter’s Formula to Land Your First Job After College: The title says it all – it’s a formula.  From tips for Freshman that will help them gain a competitive edge, to key sections on networking to résumés, cover letters, the interview and what to do when you receive an offer, GET HIRED! keeps it simple.  John took all his experience and the shared experiences of other recruiters and wrapped it up in small, yet VERY dynamic package for the reader.  It’s all there – in less than 90 minutes (that’s giving you an average of 1.5 minutes per page), the way you approach the job search will change.  You’ll have a strategy, clearly outlined by GET HIRED!, that will help you along the path to success.

“GetHired! is a great source of information, insight and tools to empower college students through the process of landing their first job. It is a “must read” for high school and college students who want to prepare for their future. Parents will also reap great benefits from the book as they guide their young adults into the next phase of their lives.”

–          Steve Hayes, Sr. Partner – The Human Capital Group, Inc.

So what are you waiting for?  Take the first step – get the formula to land your first job out of college.  Click here to purchase the book.  GET HIRED! makes a great graduation gift for high school students attending college next semester (parents – hint, hint).  Looking for a gift that literally keeps on giving?  Give  this book.  I’m not even a college student, yet continue to read and re-read the book.  Why?  Because someday, I’ll be up for that promotion or will interview for the new position and will need to be prepared.  GET HIRED! provides tips on how to write a résumé that will get noticed, how to network effectively to find unadvertised jobs, and much more.  Get your copy and GET HIRED!

FTC Disclaimer: This is my review of GET HIRED! A Recruiter’s Formula to Land Your First Job After College, by John W. Lepley.  This is my honest, unsolicited review.  The book can be purchased at  I do not receive any proceeds from the sale of the book or any other compensation.


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