5 Ways to Become a More Valuable Asset to Your Company


Congratulations! You have finally graduated college and have stepped into a career that shows immense promise! However becoming a valuable asset to your company requires hard work, dedication and that little something “extra.”  Trust me, your superiors will notice the work you put in to being a good employee, and you will benefit as you improve yourself! Below you’ll find a number of tips to maximize your value as an employee.

Go to Grad School
This is a move that can pay huge dividends! You can go into accounting masters programs or MBA programs. These business degrees could help you get ahead at your company, and could provide you with information that will make you a more productive worker. It is also possible that your company requires a graduate degree of you if you want to advance with the company. Do you know what a promotion will require? 

SuperPower572x429Work Overtime
When you are trying to become an asset to your company, you may need to start working some overtime. I know I know, working long hours can be a huge drag and may even cut into your personal life, but establishing yourself as the go-to person for a number of projects simply because you were at work could make a positive impression on your superiors!

Get involved, get experience. When you are volunteering in your community, it’s a great way to elevate your company’s reputation. People will often ask you where you work, which creates a good buzz for your company! Also, you will be able to get your business involved in worthy projects and charities that will advance the name of the business. You can give back to your community, make your company look great, and improve your resume at the same time. Talk about a win-win-win!

Find a Mentor
Finding a mentor is a sure-fire way to “learn the ropes” and will help you tremendously when promotions come up! You will find that these people can put in a good word for you when you want to get a better job, and they could help you all the way to the top of the corporate ladder. Be careful however; you’ll want to find a mentor who is well-respected around the office. Selecting a “flakey” worker as your mentor can backfire quickly. No one wants to be associated with a flake! TIP: As a mentee, you have a lot to offer! Great mentor relationships provide value for all parties involved. 

Publish Your Work
This very well may be one of the more powerful tips you can employ. When you are being published in journals for your industry, your business is going to look better and you’ll come across as an authority in your particular expertise. Score! Also, your knowledge will help establish your company as a source of expertise. When people read where you are working, they will turn to your business for help. Your superiors will take notice, and you have a chance of advancing more quickly.

When you want to become a more valuable asset at work, these five steps recommended above can help you get ahead.

****For this great post, Campus to Career thanks Karleia Steiner!!****


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