7 Unique Ways to Get Better at Your Job

There are millions of reasons to feel motivated to get better at your job. Job competition, job advancement, and job security are three phrases that might get you motivated to figure out how to get better at your job. The regular list won’t do anymore. You have to get creative. Here are 7 creative ways to get better at your job.

Stop Multi-Tasking

caffeinating, calculating, computerating

This piece of advice may come as a shock to you, but a recent Stanford study shows that people who heavily multitask do not pay the kind of attention it takes to do well at what’s in front of them. Clifford Nass, psychology professor at Stanford, explains the study shows that multitasking wastes more time than it saves and shows that multitasking also diminishes creativity. Don’t try to do several emails at once, don’t email while texting, don’t surf the internet while you’re talking on the phone.


Thinking about how you feel about things is not going to help you move forward. You have to perceive yourself through the lens of your boss. Anticipate what she wants and needs from an employee and you’ll have your plan of attack. This is especially important if your boss has a different style from yours. Think of your boss as your client.

Be Resourceful

Overcoming obstacles by thinking outside of the box is a trait that will position you ahead of your peers. Managers and bosses do not appreciate employees who need hand holding and constant direction. Figuring out how to anticipate employer’s needs is an art. Study your industry and figure out how to become indispensable.


Be Enthusiastic

An indispensable quality in an employee is a very basic quality of enthusiasm. According to JetBlue Airways, they rank first in the J.D. Power and Associates North America Airline Satisfaction Study for the low-cost carrier category because of their employees’ dedication to enthusiasm. Engaging employees in enthusiastic practice is difficult, but JetBlue makes it a priority. Bain consumer surveys show that a customer’s experience with employees matters more to them than price or branding. Enthusiastic employees go the extra mile; they make it a point to make customers’ experiences better through creativity and consideration.

Communicate Effectively

Impressions often hinge on the small things. Make eye contact when you speak with your boss or your employees. Ask questions. If your boss expresses an opinion, ask follow-up questions in order to make sure that you understand fully. Pay attention to your boss’s non-verbal skills. If your boss is holding back, it’s up to you to sleuth out their thoughts.

Take Accountability

Many employees looking to get ahead make the mistake of avoiding the admission of guilt. Passing off blame will not only form animosity among those who are working with you, but it will also make you look insecure. Admitting a mistake shows you’re willing to take accountability and correct your own mistakes.

Keep Learning

While it may seem obvious that one should flaunt their skills in front of his or her boss, showing the desire to continue learning shows you’re interested in keeping your company current. Attend conferences, read books, and consult with mentors to keep your game up to par.

Today’s market is competitive and it takes more than hard work to stand out. If you want to get ahead in the work place, use creativity and innovation to move on up.

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