3 Things You Can Do to Get Your Foot in the Door

foot in doorAfter graduating or even better…you read this long before you get to the end stages of your education. Your top priority will be finding out how to best launch yourself into the job market, and how to land that terrific job that everyone else probably wants too. Besides getting the best education your college has to offer and absorbing as much of it as you can, here are a few tips that should give you some food for thought and a push in the right direction.

1.      Networking

This should be at the top of your list. Take advantage of the many channels of communication open to you today. Social media, such as Facebook, can be invaluable. Let your friends know what you are striving for and why you are going to kill it. Ask them if they know anyone in the field or the company you are interested in working for. Find out if they offer benefits such as income protection. You’d be surprised how often you can obtain important information such as: positions that will be opening due to someone retiring, company growth, hiring strategies and more. But careful, this sword has two sides. Many employers today check your Facebook profile to see who you are and what you’ve been up to. Not because they want to know how many beers you can drink in an hour but to judge your character by your actions and affiliations. This is just one more reason to be careful with what you post. Ride the shirttails of those who went before you. There’s that senior you were acquainted with in your freshman year. Maybe he’s an entry level employee at the company you are interested in and, by the time you graduate, he may have moved up the ladder and be willing to introduce you for his “old” position.

2.      Who’s the Boss

Once you have zeroed in on the company you would like to be a part of, do your homework. You may already know some of the answers to these questions, but if you don’t, find out.

  • Who started the business?
  • What is the objective of the company?
  • What’s the company credo?
  • Who is their competition?
  • Where do they rank in their sector?

This is information that, can help you recognize what you need to do in order to be accepted and show your deep interest in the company.

3.      Volunteer

Volunteering for a few weeks during your semester breaks, is a great way to introduce yourself into a company. You might not be earning anything now, but this can pay off big time later. You will have the inside loop of what is going on and can better evaluate what department you would best fit and enjoy. You’ll know who is in charge of the department and what they expect from an employee in that position. And you’re there! Show them what you’ve got.  Stay in touch when you’re back at college. A short email now and then, to stay at the top of the list, will do.

If you take these steps you are going to have a head start into your future and, most likely, succeed. After all it takes knowledge, ambition and the right attitude to go after a rewarding career and you do!

*****Campus to Career would like to thank Arlene Chandler for this great guest post!*****

Arlene Chandler headshotAbout the author: Arlene Chandler has accumulated her business acumen while working for a real estate firm in Seattle and works as a freelance writer for Suncorp, a specialist income protection provider in Australia.


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