The 1 Thing You MUST Do This Year at College

The 1 Thing You MUST Do This Year at College

Ah, the fall semester.  Summer is quickly on its way out, with throngs of students returning to campus, some stepping on that hallowed ground for the very first time.  Four years (or five…six…) will go by faster than you could ever imagine.  There will be parties, term papers and an incredible amount of last-minute cramming for that important final exam.  Then one day, you’ll finish your degree, walk across the stage, shake hands with the Dean or university President, and graciously leave the stage with proof of all your hard work rolled up tightly in a scroll that fits in your hand.

NOW WHAT??  Welcome to the real world.  Your first loan payment will be due in a matter of months.  You studied, kept your head down, your grades up and maintained the image of a typical college student.  You made it this far – congratulations!  Now, the question that EVERYONE has been asking since the day you chose your major…”what are you going to do with your degree?”

Sound familiar?  I bet I have your attention now, huh?  After years and years of listening to college students, professors, career experts, corporate recruiters and executives, a college student’s success largely depends on ONE thing.  Yes, I said ONE.  This isn’t a Top 10 list or Fab 5.  There is ONE thing you can do NOW, regardless of your student status, that will help launch you into the right career after college.  It’s amazingly simple.  Ready?

Discover how you can actually use what you’re learning in the real world…

…and then use that knowledge to make the real world better. 

That’s it.  Some background:

In college, I studied Journalism, Music, Leadership and eventually majored in Communication with a Broadcasting emphasis.  I wanted to be on the radio.  And, I was for several years, reporting from remote locations, manning the sound board for high school and college football and basketball, hosting my own information call-in show titled “Law Line,” and even serving as morning drive-time DJ and General Manager of the station.  I learned a lot.  Some of the things I learned were that the industry was very difficult to break into since it was so fun.  People just didn’t leave their jobs (or move up.)  There was NO corporate ladder to climb!  So, I moved on…

Here’s the thing: I use my background in Communication and Leadership every day.  Whether it’s written, verbal or nonverbal, my experience in the field has helped me succeed in my career.  As the drive-time DJ, I was making people laugh, entertaining them with silly bits, sound effects and dumb interviews.  That was about it.  Now, I actually get to use the knowledge I possess to help other people succeed so they can make the world better.  I get to help people find their culture fit, understand their potential and coach them to go out and get it!

What I’m telling you is that whatever you study in college won’t help you unless you put it to use.  Don’t count on the perfect job to come along so you can do it.  Create the opportunity.  Find the need, pursue the solution.  Make the world better using your skills and knowledge gained from your college experience.


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