Curiosity Rarely Kills the Cat


Most of us have heard the age-old adage of “curiosity killed the cat.”  Let’s take a closer look, though.

Has anyone ever seen this happen to our feline friend first-hand?  I haven’t…and I grew up with wild ones roaming livestock barns, not your typical domesticated cats.  I have the scratches and (barely) visible scars to prove it.

Where the heck am I going with this? ?  I know you’re asking yourself that as you read this.  Hold on for a second…I promise there’s a career-related tie-in.

Here it is:  Cats are curious creatures.  Humans are also curious by nature.  In fact, the most successful people in the world, today and throughout history keep that craving for curiosity constantly fed.  Did you know that cats use their whiskers to gauge whether or not they can fit into a tight space?  If their whiskers touch the edges, cats are less likely to go under the bed, between the furniture, etc.  Now you can impress all your friends with your feline trivia knowledge.  You’re welcome.  🙂

Why curiosity rarely kills the cat (or human):

Curiosity is important.  It builds intellectual framework and credibility.  In your career (or career search,) it’s important to remain curious.  Never stop learning.

Curiosity allows us to work on weaknesses and strengths.  What if I was better at this or that? What if I did this differently?  Everyone works on their weaknesses.  You want to be better, right?  Don’t forget about the things that you do well already.  I wake up every morning with the goal of being just a little bit better than I was yesterday.  You shouldn’t expect to go from amateur to expert overnight (it takes time), but if you work on both weaknesses and strengths, I bet you’ll surprise even yourself.

Curiosity causes us to be brave, courageous.  Have you ever watched a cat sneak up on something (like the dog) and slowly extend their paw to investigate?  That takes guts.  The cat (or the career-savvy) knows that you have to be courageous, taking risks to better yourself.  Sometimes, it works out.  Sometimes, the dog bites back.  But guess what??  Now you know.  You learned from your mistake and will do things a bit differently next time!  You still have 8 lives.  🙂

So, what I’m trying to say here is that it takes curiosity to succeed in this big world.  Use this to your advantage!  Don’t just concentrate on one thing.  Go beyond.  Explore and learn!  Share best practices and ask questions!  Be curious.  


6 thoughts on “Curiosity Rarely Kills the Cat

  1. Interesting read Kirk. Its amazing how as kids we were ever curious and as we start ageing we were told to give up this need to know more.


  2. Good article Kirk. Its amazing how the very things which are basic to our human nature as kids, are suppressed as we start growing older. Good Stuff!


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