You Don’t Like My Resume? But Why??

By Ana Thames

Most of us send a resume to many employers at the same time; the surprising thing is that hardly one employer replies among all of them!  After being rejected, a person’s first reaction would be something like, “what? You don’t like my resume? But why??”

Firstly, you have to calm yourself down. You will not be able carefully analyze what went wrong. The only thing that is wrong is probably wrong with the resume. The recruiters have rejected the resume outright. So, carefully analyze it and make amends. However, do not press the panic button if the resume has been rejected once or twice.  Unless it is being consistently rejected, there is absolutely no need panic!

If rejections have become the norm, then you need to take a closer look into your resume.  Something may be seriously wrong if it is receiving rejections on a regular basis. Sometimes, there aren’t many major problems, just a few things that are wrong that are causing all the problems. One simple mistake that we can point out is formatting errors. Many candidates even fail to thoroughly read their own resume. This puts them at the risk of making silly errors. Check that the font size and format of the resume is consistent. Keep all the data aligned to the left side as this is the universally accepted pattern. Font size is also important. Font size can vary throughout your resume.  Here’s a tip: Use a bolder size for important information.

Next, check for spelling and grammatical errors. Recruiters tend to reject resumes that have improper spelling and grammar. It is one of the most common mistakes on resumes.  Have a third person look at the resume – they’ll likely spot such errors. Once these are corrected, there will be a lesser chance that your resume will be rejected.

It is quite common that people send resumes to the wrong addresses or for the completely wrong profile. This is one of the major reasons why many resumes get rejected. Be sure to keep your resume updated.

Editor’s note: The lesson here?  Prepare, proofread, keep calm and carry on.  Don’t get discouraged if your resume has been rejected.  It will probably happen!  Instead, learn from the rejection, make your resume stronger by listing accomplishments, ensuring that it’s error-free, and providing evidence of results

About the author: Ana Thames is a career counselor and loves writing. It’s her hobby and passion. You can view career tips with resume samples and interview tips here.


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