How To ‘Savvy Up’ Your Communication Skills On Your Job Seeker Profile

By Josh Tolan, CEO, SparkHire

I bet you have your superior communication skills listed on your resume and other job seeker profiles. How did I guess? It’s because everyone has communication skills listed on their resume or job hunting profile of choice.

Communication skills are hugely important out in the business world. In fact, most employers cite communication skills as the most important skills for a candidate to possess. You need superior communication skills to navigate the world of office politics, from your coworkers to your superiors.

However, if everyone lists strong communication skills as an asset, how do you stand out from the pack? Clearly you’ll have to go above and beyond to show you’re not just paying lip service to your ability to communicate. Recruiters and hiring managers have seen it all, so you’ll really have to think of ways to stand out from the pack.

Here are some tips on how to show you have the savvy communication skills companies need.

Social Media: There’s a reason that social media is really taking off in the business world. That’s because it’s a cheap and easy way to connect with consumers, clients, and other businesses. Now social media can and should be used as another weapon in your job hunting arsenal.

Use Twitter, Facebook and other social media to reach out to the companies you want to work for. By interacting directly with companies and hiring managers, you can prove your effective communication skills. Putting your Twitter username on a resume or profile shows that you know how to harness the newest technologies to get what you’re after.

Make a Video Resume: Video resumes are a great way to show off your communication skills the old fashioned way: in person. Except it’s not actually in person and is a much better option to get in front of your future boss. With webcams installed in most new laptops, it’s easier than ever to make a video resume. Plus video resumes show off the intangibles that don’t come across on your resume, communication skills included.

Now instead of just saying you have great communication skills, you can show it off. Since studies show that people form first impressions based 55 percent on body language, showing your professionalism in a video might be more memorable than your paper resume. Plus, your video resume is sharable, meaning you can add it to your traditional paper resume or social media profiles.

Be a Leader: Every good leader has to have good communication skills or no one would follow. There are plenty of ways to show off your leadership skills. Perhaps you have professional experience leading a team or taking point on a project. Make sure to list that on your job seeker profile.

If you’re lean on professional experience, being a leader in volunteer activities shows that you can communicate effectively. If you led a team to build a house or started a campaign to raise awareness, don’t leave that off your resume. Those activities show not just who you are, but how well you can communicate in a team environment.

Those are just some tips to “savvy up” your communication skills. Employers are looking for candidates with great qualifications, but they’re also looking for effective communicators who can grow into effective leaders.

What are some tips you have for showing off your communication skills? Share them!

Josh Tolan is the CEO of, a video powered hiring network that connects job seekers and employers through video resumes and online interviews. Connect with him and on Facebook and Twitter.


8 thoughts on “How To ‘Savvy Up’ Your Communication Skills On Your Job Seeker Profile

  1. Waaayy cool! The company, SparkHire, sounds familiar. I think their concept is so revolutionary.

    I have found several gigs and opportunities in the past just through maintaining a consistent social media presence. Never got into video resumes, but I still would do a video interview. It would save immensely on the transportation costs.


    1. Many companies are utilizing video interviewing now. It’s cost-effective, efficient and gets the candidate in front of many hiring managers at once. I don’t know that this will replace the traditional interview, but you never know!

      Thanks for the comment, Sandra.


      1. My thing is that it would cut back drastically on travel costs. I have a friend who flew halfway across the country 2x for interviews. So far nothing has come of that. I think it’s so wasteful and we can give our environment a big break by being more efficient with video interviewing. It’s a small reduction in footprint, but one nonetheless.


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