What Do You Want? Ask For It!

By way of this article, I’d like to announce that I’m now blogging twice a month over at www.jobhuntchat.com.  I’m with some very good company: Rich DeMatteo (@CornOnTheJob), Jessica Miller-Merrell (@blogging4jobs), Kate-Madonna Hindes (@girlmeetsgeek), Chris Ponder (@ChrisPonder) and from the other side of the pond, Bill Boorman (@billboorman).  #JobHuntChat is a great resource for people looking for jobs, with tons of great content and advice.   What started with a great idea for a Twitter chat has now morphed into one of the platform’s most successful forums for job seekers and career professionals.  In celebration of the recent one-year anniversary of the chat, the website and blog was launched.

So, what do you want?  Do you know how to ask for it? It’s funny how something like a movie can spark an idea for a blog post.   Want to read more?  Click here to see the full post.   And to my other blogger friends, if you’d like a guest post, email me at kirk.baumann@att.net to chat.  Keep paying it forward!

BONUS: Please register for the FREE webinar 4/26 6pm CT, Social Media – The Ever Present Online Interview.  I’m presenting in partnership with the Association of Women in Communications and Texas Tech University.  Don’t miss this opportunity! Click here to register or scan the QR code below:

Hope to see you there!


One thought on “What Do You Want? Ask For It!

  1. Hey Kirk-
    I just found the Career Athletes Network Group On Linked and bounced my way around until I found your blog. Very interesting stuff. I am a former athlete who now works in Finance. I have a blog, too, but not nearly as targeted as yours. Mine is an amalgam of stuff, but it’s basically some fitness, some finance, and some fun. My sports background has a lot to do with where I am and what I believe. I am pleased to see that others in this world think like I do. I’d love to get your feedback on a post I did a couple of months back. It’s about the Benefits of Team Sports in the Workplace. I’d love your thoughts:


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