Paying It Forward (v.6)

This week, to help compliment #FollowFriday on Twitter, I’d like to give you a little more detail on my recommendations. If you’re not already participating in #FF, it’s a great way to pay it forward, thank someone who’s been helpful this week, or simply recommend them for others to follow.

Here are some of my #FF recommendations:

@PongoResume: PongoResume ( has been a delight to work with (unpaid) regarding guest posting. This week, my post went live and I’ve had a great response. The people I’ve had the opportunity to work with have been fantastic (Jen Capenito – @JenCapenito and Rick Saia). I’m not exactly promoting their services, but rather the information that they share. Check out their blog (and my post) for great tips for job seekers. Here’s my guest post: 5 Reasons Why Athletes Make Great Employees.

@JenGresham: Jen started something very cool this past Sunday, called #SubscribeSunday. The purpose of this is to provide an opportunity for network members to share blogs that they’ve found helpful and interesting with others. It’s a great concept. If you’re looking for some new information, check out #SubscribeSunday on Twitter. I’ll be participating.

@HRMargo: Margo Rose has started an incredible movement on Twitter called #HireFriday. Each Friday, job seekers have the opportunity to post their information into the stream with LinkedIn profile links and qualifications. As I’m a huge advocate of helping those who need help, #HireFriday gives me a chance to retweet the job seeker’s information to my network. Recruiters, if you’re looking for talent, here’s a great way to have it come to you!

That’s all the detail for this week. Thanks for reading and keep paying it forward!

PS. If you’re unfamiliar with hashtags (the “#” symbol), here’s a great resource on Mashable:


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