Paying It Forward (v.5)

Are you paying it forward?  Twitter can help!  Follow Friday ( allows people to pay it forward, giving props and a Follow Friday recommendation to individuals they follow/are followed by.  It’s a great way to say, “Hey! Follow these people – they have great information to share!” 

Here are some great people you should be following for job seeking advice (in addition to me and the Campus to Career blog – @campustocareer & and a little inspiration:

Cindy Billington @cinag87 – Cindy is the Associate Director for Master’s Career Education & Advising at Texas A & M University.  A true asset to career services, Cindy has a passion for helping students succeed after graduation.  Cindy recently started a blog (on my Blogroll) called Real Career Management (  It’s a great resource for all job seekers!

Angela Frizzell @angelafrizzell – Angela is a social media strategist who understands the function of social platforms in the marketing mix. In addition to her social media knowledge, Angela’s background includes writing, editing, marketing and research.  Angela is social media certified through Drury University graduate program.  Local to Springfield, MO, Angela has been a great resource and is always willing to help!

Dawn Bugni @DawnBugni – Dawn recently helped me out with a question that I had regarding social media statistics and demographics.  She’s also an expert on writing resumes, with more than 25 years of corporate customer service management.  Thanks for your help, Dawn!

Liberty Mutual Responsible Scholars @RespScholars – The official Twitter account for Liberty Mutual’s Responsible Scholar program, @RespScholars know the very meaning of paying it forward.  Providing great resources to their followers and retweeting the good stuff, they’re someone all job seekers should follow! Want to know more?  Check out

Brent Peterson @InterviewAngel – Brent is the Founder of Interview Angel, Inc., which has the vision to help 100,000 people shine in job interviews.  I recently had the opportunity to meet Brent at the NACE annual conference in Orlando.  True to his word, Brent continues to help people every day through his blog and tweets!  His blog is

Have a recommendation of your own for #FollowFriday?  Let me know!  I’m always looking for new people with a unique perspective on career services, HR, recruiting, new media, and life in general.  I’d love to have your suggestions!  Please feel free to leave a comment below.  As always, thanks for reading Campus To Career!


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