Career Happiness Contest Winners Announced!

Photo credit: Gianmarco Vetrano

Last week, I launched my very first contest on Campus to Career.  In honor of the launch of Tony Hsieh’s new book, Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion & Purpose, I asked my readers a few questions.  

Have you found career happiness? 

Do you love what you do – every day?  

Does your team make everyday FUN?  

After a week of submissions, three people made the finalist list.  The submissions were voted on by a panel of judges (those that love their job, of course) and a WINNER HAS BEEN NAMED!

Congratulations to Grand Prize Winner, (drumroll, please): Steve Browne!!

Here’s his testimonial:

“I’m one of the few people I know that chose HR as a career and have only known HR. I have more “joy” than happiness because over the years HR has led me to meet literally thousands of people. People who have left an eternal mark on my life in both positive and challenging ways. I have a career that allows me to learn every day and to continue to meet people around the globe. I wouldn’t trade this career for anyone’s. Not a catch phrase – a reality. I’ve seen so many people grow and become personally and professionally successful throughout my career in HR. It continues to drive me and have passion to improve the profession so other’s can find happiness in HR as well.”

Also, congratulations to Ashley Schmidtke!  Her entry below earned her a Starbucks giftcard:

“Career happiness is something that I experience everyday as a college admissions director. I work with hundreds of high school seniors each year and nothing brings me a more sense of pride when I see them walk across the graduation stage in 4 years. My career happiness comes from seeing others achieve their dreams and hearing them say thank you for doing something that I love.”

Thanks to everyone for participating in the contest.  Congratulations to the winners!  Without readers like all of you, I’d just be talking to the deep emptiness of cyberspace. 🙂

That’s it, folks.  Have you found career happiness?  If not, how can I help?  Let’s connect!


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