4 Types of Bosses & How To Turn Them Into Your Biggest Allies

2 12 2016


There are many types of bosses that you will run into when entering the working world. And each of them brings their own unique problems, but there are ways to turn said problems into advantages. Here are four types of bosses you might have in your life, and four ways to turn them into your diehard allies.

  1. The Hands-off Boss

For some it’s a dream, for others, it’s a nightmare, for most, it’s a mixture of both. The hands-off boss can be confusing but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to your advantage.

Enhance your communication skills

With a hands-off boss, you need to know when to ask for guidance and when to do something yourself. Learning this is key to developing your communication skills in the workplace, which is an invaluable asset to have. Knowing when to speak up and knowing when to shut up will keep you in your boss’s good books.

Show initiative

If your boss is the hands-off kind, it’s most likely that he or she wants you to come up with your own ideas and be interdependent. Show initiative in meetings, one on ones and in your day-to-day working life. You will gain a lot of skills which will only aid you as you move up the ladder.

 Become a leader

If you are on a team with a boss who keeps out of the projects, you can step into a leadership role that shows your boss you are capable of big things and help them with their job.

  1. The Micromanager

Just as some bosses like to leave you to do your job, others like to know every small detail which can be just as daunting.

Seek them out

If your boss likes to micromanage, the best way to turn them into an ally is to give them what they want. So, seek them out for advice and guidance and check to make sure they are happy before completing tasks.

Build trust

You can voice your opinion but the more you keep your distance and do as you are told the more you build trust.

  1. The BFF

The BFF doesn’t want to be your boss, they want to be your friend, and while this may sound great it can come with its own set of unique hassles but there are a few things that you can do to maintain a good relationship.

Follow their lead

If your boss wants to be your best friend, don’t shun them to avoid awkwardness as this will only enhance it. Instead, follow their lead and don’t overstep the bounds they have already put in place.

Gain a mentor

A boss that wants to be your friend will often go over and beyond to keep you happy, so use this to your advantage. Ask them to be your mentor to gain significant knowledge of your company as well as the business. Doing so will only benefit your relationship with them.

Climb the ladder

A lot of people don’t enjoy the blurred lines that accompany the best-friend-boss so if you are one of the few to embrace this you will be on the top of the list when it comes to promotions. This doesn’t mean “suck up”, just follow the above points and let it play out in your favor.

  1. The Perfectionist

You have checked your work ten times but your boss still isn’t happy because the font is not to their liking? The perfectionist boss can cause a lot of headaches, but here’s how you turn them into an ally.

Appeal to their nature

If your boss is a perfectionist, you need to appeal to their perfectionist tendencies. When completing a project, point out something that could be a little better and watch their face light up with glee.

Sharpen your skills

Perfectionists can be annoying, but one positive of having a boss that is a perfectionist is the fact that you will comb over every small detail in your work before sending it to your boss. Knowing that the smallest thing might cause your boss an insurmountable amount of pain will make you extra careful when completing your tasks, sharpening your skills and keeping your boss happy in the process.

Whether your boss is hands-off, a perfectionist, or a micromanager, there is always something you can do to make your working life a lot easier. Take note of the tips above and put them into practice when you meet your new boss. Good luck!

****For this post, Campus to Career thanks Kate Thora!!****

About: Kate Thora is a Senior Content Specialist for Uphours, an online resource with information about businesses worldwide. Her artistic soul manifests itself also in her love for singing and dancing, especially to traditional Indian music. Follow her on Twitter @katethora1


How Women are Finding Success in Nontraditional Occupations [INFOGRAPHIC]

19 04 2016

Guest post by Kathy Jackson.

If you’re a woman looking for a well-paying career with great opportunities for advancement, then you might want to consider searching beyond the traditional roles that women usually take in childcare, administration, and accounting. This infographic Tulsa Welding School developed highlights five careers in the skilled trades that have a lot to offer the modern workingwoman. Check them out to see if one may just be right for you.

1. HVAC Technician

Demand for these professionals is expected to grow by 14 percent through 2024, which is much faster than average. The mean annual wage for an HVAC technician is $46,880, and this field has plenty of room for advancement: you could climb the career ladder to become a distribution manager or operation manager.

2. Electrician

With job growth also set at 14 percent through 2024, becoming an electrician could not only provide job security but also great pay; electricians enjoy an average annual salary of $54,520, but there are many opportunities for career growth. It’s possible to pursue additional education in order to move up to project management or engineering.

3. Welder

With over half of U.S. products requiring a welder to manufacture and a predicted shortage of 400,000 of these professionals by 2024, welders will likely be in high demand for some time. Welders are able to work in a variety of locations and for a lot of different companies. Many even get to travel regularly for their jobs.

4. Pipefitter

Only 1.6 percent of all pipefitters are women, but this skillset is in high demand: jobs for plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters are expected to grow 12 percent through 2024—faster than the national average. That means that there are a lot of opportunities for qualified men and women to find jobs in this field.

5. Construction Business Owner

If you want to start your own construction business, you’ll be happy to know that 17.5 percent of people working in the construction industry are self-employed. The federal government has implemented legislation to ensure female-owned construction companies are entitled to bid on projects, and the number of such companies has been steadily rising in recent years.

The skilled trades offer some impressive career opportunities for women. Review the infographic below to learn more.



Finding Your Passion

10 03 2010

How many people can say that you’ve found your passion in life?  I have recently realized that I have found mine: it’s LIFE!  I am very fortunate to have very supportive family, wonderful friends, and a career that allows me to make a difference every single day.  In reflection of this, I would like to share some of the things that helped me find that passion.


Do What You Love

Confucius once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  My parents have been instrumental in reinforcing this principle my entire life.  I’ve had lots of jobs to date, from landscaper to fry cook to sales associate to radio disc-jockey to human resources.  All have been challenging in their own way, fun, and rewarding at the same time.  Some of the jobs were not “chosen”, but rather a necessity of life.  After all, we have to pay the bills somehow, right?  But even with those positions, I worked with some really great people, learned a lot about business, and eventually found my passion. 

Know Who Your Supporters Are (and Who Aren’t)

Through all of my jobs throughout my career, I’ve had someone (or a group of people) backing me the whole way.  In most cases, it has been my parents.  As the oldest child of four, I’ve always been the one that has gone out on my own, moving away for college, not coming home on the weekends so mom could do my laundry, give me gas money, or stock my refrigerator.  Would she?  Yes.  But instead, she and my dad supported me in every job adventure that I set out on. 

Knowing who my supporters were and those who weren’t allowed me to be successful in what I set my mind to.  While there was much positive reinforcement, there were some negative people in my life, telling me that I couldn’t do this on my own, or that I was stupid for making certain decisions.  Did I make mistakes?  Yes!  But, I have learned from them positively, and am a better person for doing so.

So, in closing, finding your passion isn’t as hard as it sounds.  In my opinion, you simply have to enjoy what you do and have the right people supporting you.  That’s it.  That’s my secret. 

Have you found your passion yet?