What’s Your 6-11?

21 09 2016


Sure, we all have a 9-to-5, but what about a 6-11? You might be thinking, “what in the world is this guy talking about??” Let me explain. The concept of a 6-11 is based on the growing trend of twin-track career paths, commonly referred to as a “side hustle.”

Check out this fun interactive quiz from digital design and print powerhouse MOO engineered specifically to inspire people to discover their true passions AND help turn it into the job of their dreams.

Leveraging some seriously compelling data points from Wakefield Research and an interactive quiz, MOO has found there’s a major twin-track career phenomenon. In short, everyone (not just millennials) is on that side hustle tip.

Data from Wakefield Research for MOO

  • Nearly 3 in 4 people who work a 9 to 5 job (74%) admit they are unfulfilled by their current job

  • 44% of people are more interested in starting a side business now than they were 2 years ago

  • Almost 2 out of 3 millennials are anxious to follow their entrepreneurial instinct and start their own business

  • 90% feel that having a fulfilling job is one of the biggest factors in determining someone’s overall happiness

MOO is out to empower more people to take that first step, just like their “6-11 ambassadors,” founders of The Muse and Pintrill, who created their dream jobs while balancing a full time career, and are even offering the chance to win a full suite of branded materials to turn their dreams into a professional reality.

PS. I got Interpreter. Guess I need to brush up on my foreign language skills… 🙂


Passion, Life & Your Career

26 06 2012

“Being alive is a creative process.” – Sir Ken Robinson

I had the opportunity to hear Sir Ken Robinson speak at the NACE (National Association of Colleges & Employers) Annual Conference this year.  He was quite the entertainer.  After the announcer finished introducing him by reading his bio, he came on stage and said, “I do sound quite impressive, don’t I?”  After the jokes, he brought up three points that I’d like to share with you as they relate to life and your career.  I hope you find the information as useful and inspiring as I did.

You create your life through the choices you make.

In doing this, your resume creates itself, not the other way around.  It’s up to you to build your resume throughout your life.  Just because it’s not a typical job doesn’t mean it’s not experience.  Don’t let your resume define you – you define your resume.  Seek out the knowledge required to advance your career, find a mentor, and learn all you can in your field of interest.  Step outside of your field as well.  Approach it from an enterprise-wide perspective.  Learn about other areas of business and how they work together, not just your immediate job function.

Life is not linear. 

Be ready for curveballs.  Just because you completed Step 1, doesn’t mean Step 2 is next.  This is what’s so great about life.  It gives you challenges along the way.  Nothing is perfect, nor is it predetermined.  When asked about his background and accomplishments, Sir Ken Robinson said he never planned to do any of it.  Life threw him good pitches, some curveballs, and a few wild ones.  Those little curveballs gave him the experience.  Henry Ford is credited with saying, “Error is only the opportunity to begin again, intelligently.”  Now you know what to do and what not to do, based on your experiences.

Finding your passion changes everything.

Many people never discover their true talents.  Sure, they get their jobs done, but they’re not happy.  It’s just a “job.”  Finding your passion may seem cliche’, but I can tell you this – he’s right.  It changes everything.  It’s a beautiful thing with a career and passion come together.  Work is no longer work.  You get to do what you love, and in turn, you love what you do.  Passion keeps us engaged in the workplace.  It helps us succeed.  It sparks creativity and inspires those around us who aren’t as engaged or passionate about their jobs.  Passion is something that can’t be taught.  It’s something that you find through life’s many experiences.  When you find it, you’ll know.

Lastly, he reminded us all that imagination is everything.  We need a career vision.  If we know what we want to achieve, make a few adjustments for curveballs along the way, and invest in our passion and talent, our lives emerge, evolve, making our resume look like it was planned.

What’s your career vision?

3 Strategies for Staying Positive during Your Job Search

6 03 2012

Photo Credit: Free Digital Photos

There are few things in life that are more challenging than being unemployed when you’d like to be employed. In today’s challenging economic atmosphere, more and more people are finding themselves out of work and feverishly scouring the job market for their next career opportunity. That being said, this means that many people are dealing with long days of unemployment. While having the skills and charisma to land a position is key, there is something very important to be said about job candidates with positive attitudes and self assurance. Try these three strategies for saying positive during your job search.

Keep a Productive Daily Schedule

Maintaining a regular schedule during your unemployment is essential for staying positive and keeping active. It can be easy to fall into an unhealthy schedule when you have fewer responsibilities during the day. Many of us are tempted to sleep until noon and be fairly inactive when we have no specific responsibilities during the day. However, maintaining a relatively normal daily schedule can help you stay on top of your job search and keep a positive attitude. As you’ll hear time and time again, your job during unemployment is finding a new job. It should be approached with the same passion and commitment. Set a schedule: wake up at nine am, take a shower, get dressed, and start looking for jobs. Structure creates balance in life. Don’t let unemployment break that balance.

Set Conceivable Goals

Goal setting is important at any stage in a person’s life. Without solid goals it can be very hard to stay productive and positive. Most all of us are programmed to want to achieve things for ourselves. By setting realistic and achievable goals during your time of unemployment, you can help stay busy and focused while also finding ways to feel positive about your progress. Take your job search seriously every single day and create goals that can help you accomplish things in that search. Monitoring your progress with your goal setting will help build your confidence and keep up your momentum.

Find Something You are Passionate About

Hobbies are an important thing to maintain during any point of our lives. Whether you are working full time, maintaining a part time job, or in search of something new, a hobby is essential for keeping your head on straight and staying level. All too often, people get too caught up in their work lives and forget to find something outside of work that inspires them. Particularly during unemployment, a hobby can be a useful and productive thing. Searching for job opportunities all day everyday can be an especially exhausting experience. Find a hobby during your unemployment that you are passionate and excited about. This can hobby can be an asset during job interviews and will help keep you relaxed during your search.

This is a guest post by Kimberly Wilson. Kimberly is from accredited online colleges, she writes on topics including career, education, student life, college life, home improvement, time management etc.

Workplace Culture – Breaking It Down

1 11 2011

Wikipedia defines culture as “the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution, organization, or group.”  Culture is important.  Alignment with that culture can ensure effectiveness in the workplace.  But what does culture really mean?  Every employer has a slightly different version.  It all seems to revolve around integrity, collaboration, communication, etc.

Today’s generation of workers are looking for more than “just a job.”  They’re looking for culture fit – a place where their visions align and core values coincide.  Workplace satisfaction is very important for Generation Y.  Why?  We want to be part of the bigger picture.  We want to affect that picture positively.  We’re not going to sit idly by, not offering our insight and perspective.

To break down culture for you a little more (and relate it to the job search or your current career), I thought I’d share with you my company’s culture statement line by line.  My values and beliefs align closely with my company’s – that’s one of the reasons I love my job!  The overall SIFE Culture is as follows:

  • We Work With Passion
  • We Are Performance Driven
  • We Accept Personal Accountability
  • We Are Entrepreneurial In Our Approach
  • We Contribute To A Learning Environment
  • We Collaborate Towards One Vision
  • We Lead By Serving Those Around Us

Now, none of this information is top secret or confidential.  Individuals that identify with this culture make us a very effective organization.  We can do better – we all can.  As an employee, we have the opportunity to help influence this.  As an employer, we have the opportunity to learn from those that are closest to the real issues.  If we just listen to each other and learn from our failures as well as our successes, we’ll all be a little better off in the end.

So, back to the culture statement….let’s start with the first bullet and break down the subtext:

We Work With Passion

  • Highly motivated by a sense of purpose and conviction that what we do matters

Do you know how your work affects the overall organization?  The work you’re doing as you create that spreadsheet or weekly report should bring value to the company.  If you don’t know why you’re doing it, ask someone.  There’s probably a reason you never thought of, or you might find that you can improve the process!  Knowing why you do something can definitely help with motivating someone with a sense of purpose.

  • Approach our work with a spirited attitude and determination to make a difference

William James is quoted with saying, “It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect Its successful outcome.”  I couldn’t have said it better!  Approaching your work with a cheerful and determined attitude will help you get past those stumbling blocks to find solutions.  If you fit the first bullet above, you know that what you do matters.  It does make a difference!

  • Our commitment, enthusiasm, and hard work inspires others to join our efforts

Have you ever worked with someone who came in every day whistling a cheerful tune, had a smile on their face and were truly excited about the work they were doing?  I bet it affected you!  When someone has a positive and realistic attitude, it seems to rub off on others.  When you see someone doing something they’re passionate about, you can’t help but be inspired to join their efforts and to find your own passion.

You see, working with passion isn’t just about doing what you love.  It’s about your attitude and sense of purpose.  What you do matters.  If you don’t understand how, ask your supervisor or mentor.  They’ll help you see the benefit of that spreadsheet.  You might be surprised just how important your work really is!  When you’re happy and passionate about what you do, you’ll inspire others.  It’s a chain reaction and gets better and better.  How’s that for motivating?

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Finding Your Passion

10 03 2010

How many people can say that you’ve found your passion in life?  I have recently realized that I have found mine: it’s LIFE!  I am very fortunate to have very supportive family, wonderful friends, and a career that allows me to make a difference every single day.  In reflection of this, I would like to share some of the things that helped me find that passion.


Do What You Love

Confucius once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  My parents have been instrumental in reinforcing this principle my entire life.  I’ve had lots of jobs to date, from landscaper to fry cook to sales associate to radio disc-jockey to human resources.  All have been challenging in their own way, fun, and rewarding at the same time.  Some of the jobs were not “chosen”, but rather a necessity of life.  After all, we have to pay the bills somehow, right?  But even with those positions, I worked with some really great people, learned a lot about business, and eventually found my passion. 

Know Who Your Supporters Are (and Who Aren’t)

Through all of my jobs throughout my career, I’ve had someone (or a group of people) backing me the whole way.  In most cases, it has been my parents.  As the oldest child of four, I’ve always been the one that has gone out on my own, moving away for college, not coming home on the weekends so mom could do my laundry, give me gas money, or stock my refrigerator.  Would she?  Yes.  But instead, she and my dad supported me in every job adventure that I set out on. 

Knowing who my supporters were and those who weren’t allowed me to be successful in what I set my mind to.  While there was much positive reinforcement, there were some negative people in my life, telling me that I couldn’t do this on my own, or that I was stupid for making certain decisions.  Did I make mistakes?  Yes!  But, I have learned from them positively, and am a better person for doing so.

So, in closing, finding your passion isn’t as hard as it sounds.  In my opinion, you simply have to enjoy what you do and have the right people supporting you.  That’s it.  That’s my secret. 

Have you found your passion yet?