13 Super Experts to Follow in 2013

2 01 2013

Campus to Career's 13 Super Experts to Follow in 2013Happy New Year!  Ready to start 2013 on the right foot?  I find Twitter to be an incredible resource.  As a job seeker or someone who simply wants to improve themselves, the right Twitter users provide excellent advice, insight, best practices, inspiration and motivation to help you achieve your goals. So, to help you get started, here are my top 13 super career experts to follow in 2013 (in alpha order):

Ask A Manager (@AskAManager) – Alison Green delivers easy articles that get to the point.  Love her “6 Short Answers to 6 Short Questions” segment.

CareerBliss (@CareerBliss) – I love this blog.  It makes me happy. Even their logo makes me happy. CareerBliss provides relevant, always fun to read posts that will help you advance in your career.

Career Sherpa (@careersherpa) – Hannah Morgan aka Career Sherpa, is your guide to show you the best paths and methods for making the trek as you embark on your career journey. Check out her awesome list of 98 people to follow in 2013.

ComeRecommended (@ComeRecommended) – Heather Huhman and crew delivers quality career advice for everyone.  Heather and ComeRecommended were some of the first people I followed on Twitter several years ago.

Doug Conant (@dougconant) – Doug is one of the most inspirational business professionals I’ve ever met. He’s the former CEO of Campbell Soup Company, leading with head, heart and hands. Read his book, TouchPoints.  I guarantee that you’ll find some excellent tips on how to be a better leader.

Great On the Job (@greatonthejob) – Taking the art of communication and turning it into a science.  Follow Jodi Glickman and crew (don’t forget to check out their site as well) for some great career tips.

HR Margo (@HRMargo) – Margo Rose pays it forward every day.  She’s dedicated her career to helping others get hired.  If you’ve seen me tweet with the hashtag #HFChat or #hireFriday, she’s at the core of this great movement. Follow her!

Keppie Careers (@Keppie_Careers) – Miriam Salpeter’s blog, Keppie Careers, is one of the first that I followed as I entered into the digital space as a career blogger.  Must follow!

Laurie Ruettimann (@lruettimann) – Laurie makes me laugh. She doesn’t take BS from anyone and shoots straight with you every time.  One of the coolest HR peeps out there, Laurie has extensive HR experience, shares some of the best career advice on the web, and is passionate about what she does and what she believes in.  Check out her blog, www.thecynicalgirl.com, and follow her on Twitter. You’ll be glad you did.

Lindsey Pollak (@lindseypollak) – Gen Y LinkedIn master.  Need I say more?

SparkHire (@sparkhire) – great resource for video resume and interviewing.  In the technology age, companies are using video to interview more and more, so why not be prepared and get the competitive edge?

Stacy Zapar (@stacyzapar) – She’s the most connected woman on LinkedIn. Stacy get “it” and shares her expertise and advice on how to maximize the most powerful tool in your professional social networking toolbox: LinkedIn.  Follow her now!

YouTern (@YouTern) – Designed for interns, this blog is a fantastic resource for upbeat, truthful posts to help you land that internship or full-time career after college.

Of course, be sure to follow me (@kbaumann) and Campus to Career (@campustocareer) as well. Aside from tweeting original content, we also share the best of what we find from other super resources.  2013 is going to be awesome – let’s make it so!

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!


Students: Your “Link” to Success

17 07 2012

Do you have a profile on LinkedIn?  You know, that little site that has 161 million users in over 200 countries and territories.  Here’s a fun fact: As of March 2012 (end of their quarter), LinkedIn was growing at a rate of two new users per second.  So, if you take 3 minutes to read this post, chances are, 360 members created a profile on LinkedIn.  Want to guess where recruiters and hiring managers are looking for top talent?  I’ll give you a hint: it’s not Facebook.  (Not yet, anyway.)

Based on some quick research among college students, here’s the #1 reason why most haven’t created a profile on LinkedIn:  lack of experience.  You know what?  That’s OKAY!

I’ve been there and I bet I know what you’re thinking: “I’m in college.  My current jobs aren’t relevant to list and I don’t have any other work experience to list on my profile.  After all, LinkedIn is just your online résumé, right?”  To that I’d say, “WRONG!”  The opportunities are HUGE with LinkedIn.  I’ll confess – it wasn’t this clear a few years ago.  With the launch of new student-centric features, the site now allows for a much more dynamic profile, regardless of actual “work experience.”

[BONUS RESOURCE: Why Students Should Join LinkedIn]

Showcase your work.  Have you been published?   Think of your capstone research project, thesis or freelance work.  Don’t have anything published?  Reach out to someone who can help!  In today’s world of blogs and online news sources, it’s much easier to get published.  TIP: Don’t just highlight everything you’ve done.  Highlight the strongest pieces or those that have the most hits regarding readership.

Add your (course)work.  You’re most likely working as part of a team in some of your classes.  Whether it’s leading or following, highlighting some of the projects (and the results – don’t forget the results,) this can help provide some relevant content to your professional profile.  TIP: Don’t just list out “relevant coursework.”  In most cases, it really isn’t relevant to most people.  Rather than just providing a laundry list of classes, highlight a few that show leadership, project management, communication, etc.

Call attention to volunteer and/or extracurricular experience.  Do you hold a leadership role with a campus organization or club?  Are you part of a fraternity or sorority?  Don’t forget to list these!  Whether it’s collegiate athletics, the campus business club, or volunteering for local organizations, these can help you stand out in the crowded marketplace of candidates.  Highlight your leadership, perhaps a project or two (and results), and make sure you’re calling attention to the fact that these are ADDITIONAL activities.  Not all students sleep, go to class (sometimes), party and go back to sleep.  In fact, today’s generation of college students not only go to school they’re holding down a job or two to pay the bills AND are part of cause bigger than themselves through their involvement in the community.  Add that to a relevant major and decent GPA and you’re going to make an impression.  Don’t shortchange yourself on your LinkedIn profile or résumé!

[BONUS RESOURCE: Be a Gutsy Grad: LinkedIn Tips for the Class of 2012]

To help you create the best LinkedIn profile, here are some great resources.  Some are from Campus to Career and some are from other excellent members of the blogging community.  Check them out:

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Have tips?  Please leave a comment below so everyone benefits!  As always, thanks for reading.