Getting to the Winner’s Circle

22 04 2014


I’m not that different from War Admiral, Secretariat, Chocolate Moon Pie or JB Rich & Rare. Some of those names you may have heard before, while others are names you’re seeing for the first time.  They’re all names of horses that have won races, big and small.  They all have two things in common.  Well, three, counting you.

In horse racing and in your career, there are two very important people that can help you become successful in whatever you do.  You’re responsible for yourself, but you also have superiors who are supposed to be there to help guide you to the road to success.  In the horse racing world, these are the Trainer and the Jockey.

The Trainer makes sure the animal has a healthy diet, exercises properly and has the tools they need to be successful aka make it to the Winner’s Circle.  When trained and treated right which includes diet, human contact/support, they’ll typically perform well.  When treated poorly, the horse can end up hurting or even killing themselves and/or others around them.

I’ve seen this time and time again.  Horses that would be deemed as those not worthy of the race continue to prove everyone wrong.  It’s not about the pedigree or the owner.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some excellent Trainers.  Trainers typically make good mentors because they’ve been there, done that.  They have real-world experience and can share their wisdom with you so you can ratchet up your training plan, ensuring you’re in the lead.

Who is your Trainer?

Are you on the right track or are you endangering yourself and others??


The Trainer also has a responsibility for the Jockey.  They’re little guys (or gals) who can have a BIG impact on the race’s outcome.  The Jockey is the person who steers and coaches the animal to the finish line.  The Jockey in your career is whomever you report directly to…the boss.  They have direct responsibility to make sure you have the resources you need to do your job in a timely, effective manner.  Jockeys that beat their horses to just come in first don’t get a lot of respect in my book.   Jockeys that care about their animal’s well-being and safety as well as its future are the ones that get paid.  You may not win today, but with the right Trainer and right Jockey, you’ll set yourself up for success.

Do you have what you need to WIN??


Lastly, it’s not about who gets out of the starting gate first (just don’t trip and stay in your designated lane.)  The fastest horse doesn’t always win.  There are many variables, which is why it’s so important to have a good Trainer, a good training plan, and a great Jockey.  Preparation and perfect practice (not just “practice”) makes perfect.  When you factor in all the components which include training, health, track conditions, weather, your opponents and more, surprises still happen.  Maybe that’s Lady Luck…good or bad.

What will you learn from Lady Luck??


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4 Things You Can Do to Network With Impact & Results

8 04 2014


It’s no secret that networking can get you closer to the job of your dreams. You’ve probably heard this countless times from recruiters, mentors, and career sites like Campus to Career. You’ve heard networking is important. You know it’s important. But when you go to a networking event, are you the person who stands around the edge of the room trying to “blend in”.

Networking is about being noticed. It’s about getting your name out there and becoming known to other industry professionals. You have to be bold, and you have to stand out from the crowd. In my experience, even if you’re a reluctant networker, there are 4 things you can do that will make you appear confident, and help you network with impact and results.

1) Arrive early

When you arrive early at a networking event, you give yourself a significant advantage – you can see who enters the room and you can be the first to speak with them. Arriving early means arriving at the designated start time, or within 15 minutes of that. If you arrive late to a networking event, groups have already been formed and the people whom you want to meet are already engaged in conversation. Breaking into a conversation is much more difficult that starting a fresh conversation with somebody who has just entered the room.

2) Create an outfit that gets you noticed

When you walk into the networking event room, it’s your outfit and your body language that others will notice first. Instead of wearing colours that make you blend into the crowd, opt for high-contrast colours and bold styles to help you get noticed. Ladies, add impact to a simple black dress with a contrasting red or white jacket. And don’t forget about your shoes. A pair of striking heels can instantly change your attitude and confidence. Gentlemen, you can enhance a simple white shirt with high-contrast cufflinks in navy or black. Or, choose a white shirt that already has contrasting buttons or colour detail in it.

3) Be bold with your body language

Body language has a major impact on the first impression we make. By simply adopting powerful body language poses at networking events, you can immediately change your impression from meek and insecure to poised and powerful, regardless of how you truly feel inside. Confident body language stems from good posture. Hold your rib cage up and keep your head held high. When you hold your head high you expose your neck, the most vulnerable part of your body, and project to the networking crowd confidence and poise.

4) Use a quality business card case

A quality business card case is probably one of the most underutilised networking tools in Western countries, but will absolutely make you stand out from the crowd. When the other person sees you remove your business card from a proper case, they’ll know that you’re somebody who cares about the smaller details. When they see you put their card in your business card case, it signals that you hold them in high regard. A few moments of respect for a potentially important business contact can have a long-term positive impact on your career.

I invite you to try these tips at your next networking event. By implementing just one of these tips, you’ll be noticed a little more. By implementing all four of these tips, you’ll absolutely have more impact and get more results from that networking event.

****For this great post, Campus to Career thanks Kara Ronin!****

About the author: Kara Ronin is an international business etiquette expert and the author of the eBook, The Ultimate Networking Roadmap: Rise above fear to network with confidence and class. Visit her blog Executive Impressions to claim your free 7 Step Networking Roadmap and get fabulous tips on networking and international business etiquette.