Maximizing Social Media in the Job Search

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A growing number of hiring managers are looking at how social media sites can help them find qualified employees. As the job market changes and becomes more competitive, it’s important to know how to utilize as many different job-seeking strategies as you can.  Social media is a great place to network, promote yourself and search for positions that are the best match for you.  The following suggestions may give you an advantage as you begin or continue your career search.

  • Be aware that employers are frequently using social media to post positions.  Through social media, they are able to target the specific kind of employee they’re looking for.  As a job seeker, take advantage of this type of networking as you search for new career opportunities.
  •  Include relevant professional information in your social media profiles. This will boost your chances of being noticed by potential employers in your field of interest and expertise.
  • Use as many social media sites as you can to market yourself.  The more you use, the higher your chances are of finding a job.  Facebook is popular among college students, but LinkedIn and Twitter can be just as helpful in your job search.

How Facebook can Help You Find a Job

Take advantage of some of the Facebook applications available for job searching.  Search for career apps using the Facebook search box and then add some of these to target your specific needs.

  • BranchOut incorporates your LinkedIn profile to Facebook, allowing you and your friends to view each other’s professional experience.
  • BeKnown allows you to search through’s job listings while you are logged in to Facebook.
  • The CareerBuilder app on Facebook sends you notifications of positions that match the job criteria you designate.
  • IngBoo is an app that lets you search for specific job criteria across a larger number of job sites like Monster, CareerBuilder and Simply Hired.
  • Use Hire My Friend to promote your fellow job-seeking friends.  When they use it, too, you can attract the attention of potential employers in your friends’ network, making this app a mutually beneficial one.
  • Inside Job is yet another career app that can help you network by providing a place for you to upload your resume, research companies and search for available positions.

Job Hunting with LinkedIn

  • Once you create your account, put in the time and effort to build a diverse professional network and create a strong profile.
  • Use very specific keywords, making it easier for you to locate potential employers.
  • Regularly follow companies that interest you so you remain current on their job openings and familiar with the organization’s information.
  • In addition to researching companies, seek out the individuals who do the hiring within the company.  By building a relationship with the hiring manager, you can find out about any new opportunities that present themselves and thus increase your chances of landing a job.

Don’t be shy about joining as many groups as possible and sending your qualifications out into the world.  In the blink of an eye, social media has become one of the most effective job searching tools available today, so it’s time to start taking advantage of it!

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11 thoughts on “Maximizing Social Media in the Job Search

  1. Hi there,

    My name is Ali and I am BranchOut’s Community Manager. I wanted to thank you for including us in your article and of course using BranchOut!

    At the core of the BranchOut user experience is the ability to find connections through one’s extended friend network. For example, when you search for a company on BranchOut, you gain visibility to a list of friends and friends-of-friends who work at that company. These inside connections can be used to increase access to new jobs, sales leads, and recruiting talent. On BranchOut job seekers search for employment opportunities and are found by recruiters.

    BranchOut’s enterprise products help recruiters and hiring managers source talent more effectively. BranchOut offers premium job posts that are easily shared on Facebook and Twitter. BranchOut job post also display inside connections at the target company. BranchOut also offers a product called JobsTab that facilitates the transfer of job postings from a company’s website to its company Facebook Page.

    Would love to be a resource for you if you have any additional questions!




  2. Hi Kirk,

    I’m Matt, Social Media Manager at Monster. We’re thrilled at how quickly the BeKnown community is growing and especially, the launch of mobile apps for Android and iPhone. Mariel Loveland wrote on scribbal that the mobile version of BeKnown “helps take networking to a new level.” With the apps, “you can easily add someone you’ve just met with almost no need to exchange business cards and decrease the likelihood that you’ll forget to look them up once you get to a computer.”

    Also, “the mobile versions of BeKnown’s service include some key functions, including the ability to network without being tethered to a computer. The app allows users to view profiles, view network updates, exchange messages, make new connections and search for jobs on Monster. You can also discover jobs posted by your connections and, if you’re using the iPhone app, receive push notifications.”

    David Cohen at AllFacebook wrote that BeKnown “targets both sides of the hiring process, offering job seekers the ability to create professional networks and use Monster’s social referral program, job search tools, and profiles, while providing employers with recruitment campaigns, engagement opportunities, and networks of their own.”

    Kirk, if you or any of your readers have any questions, and for frequent updates, please feel free to visit @BeKnown on Twitter, our blog at or sign up for BeKnown at We’re all here to help – happy networking!



    1. Hi Matt,

      Another timely response from the social community. Thanks for that! I’m still playing around with the app, but can see the potential for job seekers.

      Folks – if you have a question about Monster’s BeKnown app, see the contact details above!

      Thanks again. Have a great week!



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